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Glass Heart

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

you’re a skateboarder trying a kickflip

so young, so innocent

a daffodil bud before lunar new year

i’m so scared of crushing you

your laugh is sacred

echoing in the apartment building stairwell

the pitter patter of your footsteps

and mine chasing after you

you call me jeje

looking up at me with stars in your eyes

falling asleep on the bus

my hands running through your hair

you grew like wild grass untamed

until you reached my height and then some

your laugh is still the same

the way you tug my sleeve to turn my head

you’re light and crystal

my hands are charcoal smudged

you let me in so easily

i’m so scared of staining you

Glass Heart by Chiu-yi Rachel Ngai - Hong Kong/Arkansas, U.S.

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