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What Song Are You w/ Harper Dhadde

Video and article by Claire Liu

We met up with multi-talented, independent artist Harper Dhadde to discuss her new single "CLOWN!" Check out some of our other work with her on Project Said like her artist feature and her song, "TRUST."

As a singer, songwriter, and producer, Harper has created numerous incredible songs over the past few years like "2009," "Get a Life," "Pick Up the Phone," and more. Her newest single, "CLOWN," continues this path for her and marks a new step in her career, working with other amazing musicians like WD and ADN. To celebrate this achievement, we met up with Harper and collaborated on a quiz!

Have you ever wondered which Harper Dhadde single you are? Want to get to know her music more? This is the perfect way to get started. As an independent creator, all of Harper's songs hold deep personal meaning, significance, and unique traits that reflect her thoughts and experiences in life. Find out which Harper Dhadde single you are and see the individuality and expression you can relate with in her music.

We also had the immense pleasure of having Harper take the quiz! Watch her take the quiz and find out which of her singles she is below.

Huge thanks to Harper for working with us! Go follow her and check her out at the links below.

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1 commentaire

17 mai 2023

TRUST is Harper Dhadde's biggest hit. It seems to me that this is the peak of her musical career. Nowadays, she always uses SoundCloud promotion to popularize her songs, more information here

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